People talk a lot about “pedagogy”. But what do they actually mean? Pedagogy is a model of education in which the teacher and the learner learn together and mould oneself in every respect.  There is a long-standing need to find a way of teaching traditional and modern skills systematically at a higher scale.  In order to succeed in this voyage, education has to go through its own industrial revolution, which will introduce systematic processes, backed by effective quality controls and robust quantitative evidence of effectiveness.  The demand for education is an appetite that grows with the feeding. The more complex a nation’s economy, the greater will be the demand for a longer period of education or training. The more democratic a society the more anxious its citizens become to give their children a good start in the race of education. Supporters of education technology have commonly relied on the argument…

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Our Facilities

Smart Classroom

    We have well-furnished, well- equipped, lighted, ventilated    and spacious class-rooms     which       stimulate environment for teaching and learning.  Similarly, we are blessed with Smart Campus and Smart Class facilities  to conduct all courses up to  Senior Secondary level.  

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Computer Lab

Our computer lab is fully equipped with sufficient hardware and major software. All the computers have Internet facilities to cater the educational requirements of the students. Computer classes are offered to all the students right from 1st standard to Senior Secondary to equip our students to cope with the pace of global strides.

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Science Lab

    The school has well-furnished and well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  While upgrading our labs to commence the Senior Secondary, we have invested several hundreds of thousands of rupees to meet the growing needs of our students.

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Qualified Teachers

The A. G. School management and faculty are very much concerned about facilitating a value based quality education for the students in a Post Modern context of new trends and concepts.  We strongly believe that personality development of our students is so crucial in a technology driven world because the success of every student is determined primarily  by the character that he/ she cherishes rather than academic feat. Our motto is not to simply impart knowledge for academic excellence but…

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School Bus

We have sufficient transport facilities made available to students.  Therefore we are able to conduct extra classes and other extracurricular activities even after the school timing and can efficiently fetch and drop students to their residence.  Our drivers and staff are well- experienced and are able to manage the transportation properly.

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AG. Public school is a new venture in the history of Assembly of God in Kerala state managed by board of Directors with eminent persons as members. A.G Public School at Kadakkal at its core envisages holistic development of the child through quality education so that he / she will be able to grow equal footing with children from any other modern metro institutions be it an international school or public school. A.G. Public School helps student to develop and to improve the skill needed for success in their life to establish values that allow him or her to act with thoughtfulness, humility, humane values, creative mind, sense of understanding and compassion for others.

I am glad that the Assemblies of God could serve the people of Kadakkal through the AG Public School.We are grateful to the parents of our students,the PTA the residence of Kadakkal and the local leaders for the support you have rendered to this school.Since its beginning in 2003 with 13 students we experience study growth until now numerically and qualitatively.

Aristotle once said, "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all".In AG Public School we tend to go to every extent to achieve holistic development of our children where we guide students to develop capacities,acquire knowledge and virtues and provide service.We pride ourselves in helping them grow and develop into sensible and responsible citizens of the next generation.

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