For the holistic development of a society, it needs to be both self conscious and aware of the reality of life.  This is possible only by means of education because the purpose of education is to facilitate one to learn by oneself.  The future of a nation depends at large on the holistic development of its subjects and hence, education is to be seriously reckoned. It is with this goal that the Assemblies of God has purported an elementary educational institution in the rural and remote area of Kadakkal.  In a complex nation like India with multiple cultures, languages and religions, our academic interest grows to the level of imparting a spirit of secularism and pluralism through our academic voyage.  Of course, we are cruising to reach that goal in which we confront many odds and hostile powers.  However, we are confident that the Almighty with all His Heavenly Hosts and bountifulness will enable us to achieve the feat.  The God whom we serve is one who never despises the day of small beginnings.  In a democratic society like India we know that citizens are anxious to give their children a good start in their life and career. The A.G. Public School is the best choice for the parents in the race of their children’s education.  I pray that the Almighty facilitates all your needs in every respect and I am assured that the A.G Public School will definitely be a true catalyst for you to reach that destination.